TELOS is not a painter for hire!

TELOS is a sub-brand of Van Tay Media, specializing in branding design for domestic and foreign SMEs. As a young brand, established in early 2018, but TELOS has made many impressions with both professionals and businesses and marketers.

Some comments from the behance community for TELOS .’s Mam and Bye project

Telos is positioned to become an independent agency specializing in designing high-end publications and creating viral campaigns for “playable” brands. As an idea generator, Telos always brings something new but practical. Telos has the ability to combine events, interests, regional and field characteristics and produce “applied innovations”. Currently, Telos gathers a full team of designers in UI/UX, motion graphic, illustration, 3D, icon design, printing, branding, typography, … who are experienced and have worked at famous agencies or clients.

Key Freelance Team of TELOS

A young team, with the same goals, personality, fastidiousness and perfectionism in all of its products, Telos has become a trusted address of many brands. A bigger goal than all of us combined, Telos wants to provide a strong competitive base for Vietnamese products/services in the international arena through distinctive, modern designs. but still bearing the typical Vietnamese imprint.

Clean agricultural products, handicraft products, health services, technology are priority areas and there will be further steps to support marketing consultancy to shape the brand image.