Behind TELOS’ successful brand consulting projects are the relentless efforts of the team of employees, along with contributions from clients. The success of the group is the sum of the outstanding individual contributions of each team member.

In this article, TELOS aims to provide you with an overview of the job positions that are implemented when TELOS receives requests from clients. At the same time, we also express our deep gratitude to the individuals who are currently working in these positions for their significant contributions.


Behind the scenes of brand consultancy projects at TELOS

1. Account

Account is a term used in various industries. At agencies, an account is understood as a “diplomat” and holds a particularly important position. The role of an account is to maintain the relationship between the client and the partner company.

In a branding consultancy organization, the account is the person who accompanies the client from the moment of receiving the request, presenting the project, executing, monitoring progress, and final steps such as handover and acceptance. Therefore, the role of the account is essential and represents the face of the agency.

There are also different positions within the account role. At TELOS, we have two positions:

1.1. Account Executive 

An account executive has a comprehensive view of a project’s specialty and communicates with the internal team to implement the project efficiently. In the fields of branding, advertising, and marketing consultancy, an account executive is the person who directly receives requests from clients, creates a connection between the client and the internal team, and solves any issues that arise.

In a branding agency, the account executive’s task is to advise clients on the most optimal implementation of a project. To do that, the account executive must be a person who empathizes with the client and sets aside prejudices and negative emotions to provide the most professional advice. The account executive always reminds themselves that their task is to advise on brand building and bring the best benefit to the client.

The specific duties of an account executiveat TELOS include three main areas:


Account Executive – the person who grasps the overall information of a project

1.2. Project Manager

The project manager is the person who directly works on the project after receiving the brief (project details) from the Account Executive. The project manager’s task is to manage the work of the members in the project, assign tasks to the responsible team members, and manage the timeline properly.

If the Account Executive works more with the client, the Project Manager focuses on working with the members in the team. At the same time, a branding consultancy company like TELOS may be running multiple projects simultaneously. At this point, the role of the Project Manager is more necessary than ever, acting as the person who directly “resolves” issues for team members and arranges appropriate work. Avoid the situation of forgetting to eat at night and forgetting to sleep during the day but still unable to meet the deadlines piling up.

The specific duties of a Project manager include:


Project Manager focuses on working with the members in the team

2. Design

The Design Team has a direct role in carrying out creative-related tasks. As a branding consultancy agency, TELOS always invests in the company’s design team to provide the best quality service to clients. We have the following positions:

2.1. Art Director

The Art Director is responsible for the main concept of the project and ensures that the project follows the mood, tone, and branding guidelines that the client desires. You can imagine the Art Director as a lighthouse that helps the team not deviate from the values that the client wants for their brand.

For TELOS, being beautiful is not enough, being beautiful but also being correct and bringing value to the brand is the ultimate goal that clients want to achieve. Therefore, TELOS always emphasizes consistency in each brand consultancy project we carry out.


The Art Director is responsible for the main concept of the project

2.2. UX UI Designer

In web/app design projects, the role of UX UI is always given top priority because they are the ones who decide whether the product created is suitable for the customer’s needs and meets the user experience or not.

Some branding website design projects that TELOS has implemented, such as Goha, FACO CAPITAL… These are projects that TELOS has invested in meticulous UX UI research. You can refer to more details at


UX UI Designer – a special and important position in web/app design

2.3. Graphic Designer

We don’t need to say too much about this position. The Graphic Designer is the team that directly “draws the portrait of the brand” for the client. Creating design works, brand identity for branding consultancy projects.


Graphic Designer – the person who draws the portrait of the brand

3. Developer

3.1. Front-end

Front-end developers are people who use programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and build the interface of a website or app that users can see and interact with directly. Front-end is the person who directly receives the design files from UX UI Designer to develop a website/app that users can touch, scroll and interact with. Support for branding consultancy project requirements for web/app design.

3.2. Back End

Backend developers (Backend Developer) are responsible for the behind-the-scenes operations of a website or app. The job of a Backend Developer is to build the code and language behind the scenes. The code that Backend Developers create will support communication between the database and the browser through operations such as storing data, reading data, updating, or deleting data from the database.

In addition, the backend is also responsible for optimizing the speed and improving the performance of the web/app. Usually, these positions at branding design companies will be outsourced, but at TELOS, we always have experienced Devs ready to implement projects immediately.


Back end – the person responsible for the functionality behind the web/app

4. Tester

As the name suggests, testers are people who test the features and effects to make them as similar as possible to the design and commitment to customers. At the same time, enter content, images, and videos fully into the website.

The task of a tester is to go through each common device to test for display errors, effect errors, functional errors, content errors, etc. and write error descriptions, briefs with coders for them to fix bugs. Help branding consultancy projects in the final period before handover to be optimized as much as possible.


Tester – the person who checks for product errors before handover

5. Content Creator

Finally, there isthe position of content creator, the media team that helps the client’s new brand be known by target customers. Injecting their creativity into communication strategies helps clients’ brands be seen by consumers.

In branding consultancy, if designers are the ones who create visual elements, then content creators are the ones who create unique ideas for the client’s brand.


Content creator – creating media campaigns for the brand

After going through many stages, along with the combination and process of the entire team in the company. TELOS has launched many successful branding consultancy projects that bring great benefits to its clients. In the future, TELOS will continue to showcase our heartfelt projects to help you gain more knowledge about branding. Stay tuned for it.